About Us

Steven Winter

Steven’s first experience with the Rottweiler was in the early nineties in the military working with a Marine Corp MP K9 named DOG. DOG was great example of the balance between working dog and friend. Years later Steven’s first Rottweiler Baby taught him the amazing love and loyalty this breed is capable of. 

This love of Rottweilers has continued in recent years with his first confirmation show dog, Poseidon Von Shipman, who is multi V Rated. Most recently with DMRs Nora Von Winter he has begun training with Michael Burns at Vom Haus Burns to title his first working dog. Steven is a natural dog person with a laid-back style that brings out the best in his dogs. 

Steve and Nora
V1 in Virginia

Kimberly Winter

Kimberly has loved Rottweiler since helping her husband Steven get his first Rottweiler in 1998. Baby was with her family for 13 years. Kimberly also got her first exposure to confirmation showing with Poseidon in 2010. Over the years caring for her Rottweilers has become a passion she is very interested in expanding.

Kimberly and Nora
Kimberly and Nora, yay she got the sleeve